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Bandura is located in an absolutely serene area which has a very close proximity to Sinharaja rainforest. The bungalow is named after an endemic plant “Bandura” also known as pitcher plant which is commonly found in the premises.
Bandura was built in an ancestral land which was virtually having a rainforest habitat earlier.A small proportion of the land was used for tea cultivation in the last decade. This land is now gradually being converted back to its original authenticity. The site is frequently visited by almost all birds of Sinharaja. Most of them are endemic and endangered species.
The architectural design is such that there is least disturbance to the environment. Only one tree was sacrificed for construction. Rest of the trees in the vicinity were preserved and embraced within the bungalow. More than 95% of wood was reused from an old tea factory. It is eco-friendly and the noise of the water stream and of birds is all that you hear.
Fresh water pool from natural springs / Bungalow and cottage / Bird watching